On Matthew Williamson’s Everything Is Cool – 2014 Images Festival



write up by Jennifer Valencia

Everything is Cool by Matthew Williamson
(2013, Video, 10 min, Canada)
Matthew Williamson adopts a Bart Simpson type mask in his short Everything Is Cool as he reveals some of his observations on what first seems like just “things” from a Burger King parking lot. It is only through the mask that Bart, aka Williamson, is able to share these observations. He claims that without this mask he would not be able to face the audience. His remarks albiet frustrating, in his languid form of speaking, are very relatable. What Bart is trying to express in a very long winded way is his disoluison regarding his working life, his career and the path he has chosen. I have been in this position before and it can be very disheartening. You are left there with questions which you do not have the answers to therefore you avoid them. Bart apologizes to the audience, who he addresses in a very intimate manner, for not getting this message out sooner. I found it very interesting how he expresses the concept of avoidance as a means to keep from facing the reality of ones situation until you have no choice but to face it.This frustration and sense of dismay comes through even beyond the mask. It is a rough but sincere look at a place many people have been in.

Matthew Williamson:






Everything is Cool is part of the Remodeled Beyond Recognition Program at Images Festival

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