On Adam Schindler’s Intruders (2015)


by Kayann Mitchell

I first encountered Intruders at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival in October 2015 when it was then known as Shut In (both rubbish titles, if you ask me). I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of it then, but having just re-watched it I think I’ve found my voice here…

It’s misogynistic clap trap. It starts off with what is clearly a very odd relationship with sister Anna (Beth Riesgraf) and brother Conrad (Timothy K. McKinney), who is clearly about to knock on heavens door by the looks of him. And Anna seems at best troubled, but sweet at least to Danny (Rory Culkin), the meals on wheels kid who flirts with her whilst delivering the warm gruel. That is all kind of sweet and endearing till a trio of cock-knockers come a-callin on a lone Anna.
That ladies and gents is where this movie starts the soft warm farts that indicate it’s about to shit the bed. And boy, oh boy does it ever. It’s initially a comeuppance film that turns the tables on the aforementioned cock-knockers attempting to rob sweet Anna of her literal bags full of dosh.

But then turns into a woman-hating piece of flaming hot shit.


I am beyond tired of seeing women being cussed out and flung about for the sheer purpose of her having a third act Charles Bronson moment. No sir. There are 19 thousand other ways to tell this story and the writers here were too fucking lazy to try. Also if I encounter one more fucking daddy issue in one of these films, I swear to you I will go on a killing spree. Newsflash! Women don’t just give out blow jobs and bake cookies. We can also be psychotic lunatics for no other reason than because we fucking are. Stop that shit!

It’s 2016! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This Day of The Woman fuckery has to cease. For reals.
So um ok I guess I fucking hated it. Watch if you’re curious but don’t say I didn’t warn you assholes not to.



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