On the Paz Brothers’ Jeruzalem (2015)

by Kayann Mitchell

Israeli genre so far hasn’t let me down with the likes of Rabies and Big Bad Wolves. So I was fairly chuffed about their latest offering Jeruzalem. However, my boner deflated somewhat when I realized I’d be tortured with yet ANOTHER found footage movie. Can we please put a moratorium on them? Perhaps 1 out 100 turn out well and it’s just not worth it. Jeruzalem did have the added conceit of being shot without the hand held seizure-cam, but with Google Glass. So I have yet to ascertain how annoying it would be.

Which, fyi is pretty fucking annoying.

When we meet Sarah, Rachel and Kevin (Yon Tumarkin sporting the most wretched American accent ever committed to scren) they are in Jerusalem to smoke hash and get wild before Yom Kippur. Things go drastically awry when for no specific reason that I can discern, things take a biblical and apocalyptic turn, sending the revellers fleeing the horror for safer climes.


If I were a smarter person I’d draw comparison to the hellacious ongoing war between the Jews and the Palestinians, but I’m not. I’m just some random genre freak giving her thoughts on movies so don’t expect deep shit here folks!

Anywhoodle, for a creature flick from the Middle East, I had a definite half chub for the content. I enjoy a fresh spin on the undead and incorporating religion is always a sweet touch so long as pea soup isn’t involved. It brought to mind the REC films. Mostly in tone but sadly no where else. It isn’t a complete failure. It has some fun tense moments and has ensured I won’t ever leave the sanctity of my couch to party overseas.




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