On Jason Lei Howden’s Deathgasm (2015)

by Kayann Mitchell

“Not today Satan,” is probably what the protagonists of Deathgasm should have shouted before the credits began to roll. Sadly for them they didn’t. That’s wonderfuck  for us because this film is a fucking blast from start to finish! Black metal, gorgeous characters, demons, and buckets full of blood! What the hell else does one need in a film?

When first we meet Brodie he’s just been sent to live with his bible thumping aunt and uncle and his future date raping ‘roid raging cousin. Seeing as Brodie (Milo Cawthorne) is a dyed in the wool metal head, being new in this one shit town makes for awkward piss-filled moments. That is, until he meets Zakk (James Blake). Then all hell breaks loose when the two find a rare cursed lyrica that terrifyingly brings about the end of days.

Which is really fucking lucky or us cause it’s what starts a laugh out loud blood bath soaked in black humour and and wonderfully gory set pieces and special effects. Not all of it works but they’re having so much god damn fun it’s infectious beyond words and soon you’re head banging and throwing up the devil horns right along with them.

I have no idea what is in the water in New Zealand. They’re fucking killing genre as of late with this flick, Housebound, and the wondrous What We Do In Shadows. They’re giving everyone a run for their money. Satan bless em for it!



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