On John Knautz’s Goddess Of Love (2015)

by Kayann Mitchell


I’d been looking forward to Goddess of Love for awhile now after having seen the trailer and gotten a tiny lady chubb. I was praying that we wouldn’t have another women’s revenge thriller to have to endure. And thankfully for all involved I didn’t.

In Goddess of Love, we meet Venus (Alexis Kendra), a beautiful but clearly fragile young lady who appears to be an artist by day and exotic dancer by night. It is at her night job that she meets Brian (Woody Naismith), a hunky bit of Australian beefcake who seems to have the big pants for our girl. After what seems to be a lap dance from heaven the two seemingly fall head over heels for each other in that way only romantic leads in movies can. This is exactly when Goddess of Love moves away from being a cheesy late night naked romp to a tight little thriller with rabies!

Once their romance begins we begin to see the tendrils of madness begin to spread around Venus as she grapples with the heady feelings she is rapidly developing for Brian. It seems as though now that love is thrown into the mix Venus’s sanity is a tenuous thing at best. When the romance begins to falter we watch as Venus does everything in her power to hold on to the one thing it seems she’s never truly experienced, much to her own peril.

Goddess of Love isn’t a perfect film by any stretch, but what it does is nail the nuance of heartache in a tangible way that the viewer will surely nod their head and say, “Oh man have I’ve been there.” It is a great surprise from a small indie like this. The acting is strong and the soundtrack is kick ass!

Seek it out if you can!





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