On the Blaine Brothers’ Nina Forever (2015)

by Kayann Mitchell

I had the pleasure of seeing Nina Forever at the 2015 Toronto After Dark film fest. It was one of the more anticipated films in the line up with the theatre packed with people waiting to see the self described “Fucked Up Fairytale.” A simple story about a man, his lover, and his dead ex girlfriend. A tale as old as time!

When we open we meet Holly (Abigail Hardingham) a pouty young cashier at the local supermarket who seems slightly fascinated with co-worker and sad sack Rob (Cian Barry). From the gossip at the store it would seem that Rob has recently recovered from a suicide attempt. A fact that keeps the rest of the staff at bay but only serves to pull Holly in closer. Mostly because it seems Rob’s attempt at ending his life is due to the recent loss of his long time girlfriend Nina (Fiona O’Shaughnessy).


14329214_10154501725149362_69166721_o.jpegHe just cant seem to carry on and that is a huge turn on for Holly. Wanting to be the reason a man would kill himself, Holly pursues Rob and finally wins him over. The two it would seem have chemistry to burn and are soon on their way to making the beast with two backs, when in a terrifying turn of erotic events poor dead Nina turns up to make a royal show of it all.

Completely perplexed Holly and Rob try to figure out whats brought Nina so frighteningly back into their lives. Is it that Rob hasn’t gotten over her or is it Holly and her obsession with Nina and her tragic death? Who’s the culprit and how can they get shot of the wise cracking, hauntingly beautiful Nina?

Nina Forever is a mix of dark fantasy and pitch black humour with Nina getting in some classic zingers on both Holly and Robs expense. However once you get past the dark premise it’s a movie that deals pretty intently on grief and loss and how no one thing can help you over come it. Its also about trying to make wrong puzzle pieces fit can hurt you more than anything.
I have mixed emotions about Nina Forever mostly because I feel like I may not have gotten it all. And thats after two viewings. But that doesn’t make it bad. On the contrary, its irreverent, sexy and innovative. So if you’re in the market for something a little steamy and off the beaten path this is your flick.




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