On Adam Wingard’s Blair Witch (2016)

by Kayann Mitchell

I am 41 so I saw The Blair Witch Project in theatres and it scared and traumatized me in equal measure. Back then when the internet was just a wee babe and not every single household had access, the ingenious marketing ensured that this micro budget scare flick would live in our conscious whether we wanted it to or not.

So to say i was unimpressed with Adam Wingard‘s announcement of a sequel would be a fucking lie. I was livid. But to be fair I can be easy to rile. But i just KNEW this endeavour would essentially be PANTS. What else could they add to the pantheon?


In the 2016 sequel we meet James (James Allen McCune). Younger brother of Heather from the original The Blair Witch Project. He J and his friends having found some seemingly new footage from that disastrous first foray into the Burketsville forests decide to head their own pilgrimage into the Blair Witch’s home to hopefully find answers and or Heather herself…


Look I’m not gonna lie. I’ve had pap smears that were more fun this movie. There isn’t a thing you haven’t absorbed through countless Blair Witch knock offs, not to mention the blatant paranormal activity vibes it cribbed at every turn. This is derivative, smug, and plain stupid. So don’t even with this movie. I took one for the team and that makes me a pretty stellar human. Consider that if this dreck tempts you to watch.



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