Tag: AFI’s 100 Years

On Peter Bogdanovich’s The Last Picture Show (1971)

by Jennifer Valencia When I embarked on watching and reviewing all of the AFI’s top 100 films, I was excited at the prospect of seeing a lot of the American films that I had not yet seen. It was the perfect excuse to get myself reacquainted with classics of American

On William Wyler’s Ben-Hur (1959)

by Jennifer Valencia I don’t remember a lot about the first time I saw William Wyler‘s Ben-Hur, probably because I was 8 and had the attention span of a Jack Russell. What I do remember was the famous chariot race scene. Who doesn’t remember that scene? It was intense, massive, epic!

On Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (1982)

Blade Runner (1982) by Jennifer Valencia After watching Blade Runner for the first time (Yes, it took me a very long time to actually watch the film) it became apparent to me where this film gleaned some of its ideas and the influence this film has had on science fiction/ fantasy films that followed

On Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing.

by Jennifer Valencia Do The Right Thing is almost 25 years old. Through analysis of social problem in film, racism, film style, and classical narrative, critics keep exposing new views on it to this day. It was a seminal film approaching race relations and racism in its time and continues

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