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On watching bad films on purpose…

by Jacqueline Valencia There are staples when it comes to bad film. I mean, flops that were a flop for a reason and they’re fascinating to watch. Not everyone loved Ishtar, Glitter, or Lawnmower Man 2. Yet there are film lovers who also happen to be masochists with the films

On Travis Zariwny’s Cabin Fever (2016)

by Kayann Mitchell   In a ponderous and uncalled for move the movie that put Eli Roth on the map as one of the Splat Pack (Greg McLean, Darren Lynn Bousman, Alexandre Aja, Neil Marshall, Rob Zombie, Leigh Whannell, James Wan, Robert Rodriguez, and Adam Green) Cabin Fever has been

On Peter Handke’s The Left-Handed Woman (1978) an analysis

  by Jacqueline Valencia Note: This is part of our coverage of  TIFF Bell Lightbox’s On the Road: The Films of Wim Wenders  This essential retrospective devoted to one of the giants of the New German Cinema features new digital restorations of Wenders’ essential early works. Jan. 28 – March 6,

2015 TIFF’s The Next Wave Film Festival – Day 1

The Next Wave Film Festival is a film program this is dedicated to youth between the ages of 14-18. Movies from around the world are shown at TIFF (Toronto’s home of the annual film festival). This includes special guests, workshops, and a film challenge for youth filmmakers. There’s also a

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