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On writing film criticism and not getting paid for it

by Jacqueline Valencia It’s a freezing rain day in Toronto. I’m recovering from a bad cold. I haven’t written about film since July and I am fine. I still watch a lot of film though and long to write about it more, but it is a struggle. Life changes right

On TIFF.NET’s Truffaut Retrospective 2016

by Jacqueline Valencia TIFF  is featuring a wonderful Truffaut and Hitchcock retrospective in honour of their screening of the Kent Jones’ documentary Hitchcock/Truffaut. Details here: http://tiff.net/summer2016-cinematheque/hitchcock-truffaut-magnificent-obsessions Also click on Programmer’s Essay: http://tiff.net/summer2016-cinematheque/hitchcock-truffaut-magnificent-obsessions ************* François Truffaut was a rather huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock‘s work and collected extensive interviews with him on every film Hitchcock made.

On Eiichi Yamamoto’s Belladonna Of Sadness (1973)

The Royal will be presenting the film in its 4K restoration glory for its first ever North American release on Friday, May 20th to June 2nd. Click here for showtimes. **Although there are spoilers here, they are meant to add an interpretation for relatability in the present.**  “The process by

On Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid’s Meshes Of The Afternoon (1943)

by Jacqueline Valencia I only got seriously into film until I started watching experimental film. It was out of the creative potboiler the audio-visual television freak outs of the 1980s.  When MTV premiered (or rather in Canada, MuchMusic), the idea that a mini-music commercial could be artistic, gave everybody license

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