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On the first night of 2017 8 Fest!

by Jacqueline Valencia (Check out the8fest schedule here: http://the8fest.com/2016%20schedule.html) Toronto is the centre for amazing film and film industry. One of the hidden gems of the city is its great 8Fest, a festival that focuses on small-gauge film such as 8mm, Super 8, and 9.5mm. They also include loops, personal homemade

On The 8 Fest 2015! Part 2

Our coverage continues on Toronto’s small gauge film festival The 8 Fest. For full schedule: http://the8fest.com/ Today’s write up is by Jacqueline Valencia.  1. L’Inventaire by Martine Syms (Friday, January 30 11pm Bagerooo, eight! Part One) http://martinesyms.com/ “On screen a man gestures to describe the various parts of a hardcover

On Debbie Tucker Greene’s Second Coming (2014) TIFF

  by Jennifer Valencia I wasn’t sure what to make of Debbie Tucker Green‘s, Second Coming. The film is cryptic, fearful of committing to the concepts it puts forward, leaving the audience with more questions than answers by the end of it. It is the story of Jackie, wife of

On Martti Helde’s In The Crosswind (2014) #TIFF14

by Jennifer Valencia In The Crosswind is the real life story of a family separated from each other during the Russian occupation of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 1941 where thousands of people were relocated to remote outposts in Siberia. Over 390,000 people were casualties of what some call the

On Matthew Williamson’s Everything Is Cool – 2014 Images Festival

  write up by Jennifer Valencia Everything is Cool by Matthew Williamson (2013, Video, 10 min, Canada) Matthew Williamson adopts a Bart Simpson type mask in his short Everything Is Cool as he reveals some of his observations on what first seems like just “things” from a Burger King parking lot.

The 8 Fest: a short defense of short/small gauge film

by Jacqueline Valencia It’s been an amazing week of watching short films. Sometimes I had the opportunity to screen some of these in the comfort of my home for review or interpretation. Occasionally I’d get a comment from a passerby wondering what the hell I was watching. I’d have to

On my introduction to The 8 Fest and three films.

by Jacqueline Valencia The 8 fest One of the things I’m passionate about film, but I’m particularly passionate about experimental film. However, it’s hard to define what is experimental film these days or even what is film. It’s a malleable medium and an evolving art form that in many ways

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