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On Babak Anvari’s Under The Shadow (2016)

Toronto After Dark is quickly gaining massive brownie points with me what with their premier of Trash Fire on a double bill with Babak Anvari‘s Under The Shadow I had the pleasure of seeing what is now another superior piece of filmmaking to add to my 2016 top ten. Under

On Robert Eggers’ The Witch (2015)

by Kayann Mitchell My anticipation for this film knew no bounds. I caught its scent in January 2015 after its debut at The Sundance Film Festival where it won rave reviews from critics and fans alike. I HAD to be a part of the groundswell of appreciation for what was seemingly

On the Paz Brothers’ Jeruzalem (2015)

by Kayann Mitchell Israeli genre so far hasn’t let me down with the likes of Rabies and Big Bad Wolves. So I was fairly chuffed about their latest offering Jeruzalem. However, my boner deflated somewhat when I realized I’d be tortured with yet ANOTHER found footage movie. Can we please

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