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Jenn’s Best of 2015

by Jennifer Valencia I have been away from writing for a long time but I am ready to come back and I thought a good place to start is to reflect on the films that pleased and amused me in 2015. Here’s my list organized by genre.   Comedy Before

On Jonathan Glazer’s Under The Skin (2013) – analysis (spoilers)

by Jacqueline Valencia The mulling over of Jonathan Glazer’s Under The Skin is an entirely different beast than the actual watching of the film. In fact, I started writing this sentence a few months after writing the one before it. I had to re-watch it and digest it, read the

On Spike Jonze’s Her (2013)

Editor’s Note: There are spoilers. Thus, it is a review analysis. by Jennifer Valencia I have always been a big fan of Spike Jonze. His music videos always delight and entertain me while his films are so refreshing in their style and feel. Her  is no exception. Jonez takes us

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