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On The 8 Fest 2015! Part 2

Our coverage continues on Toronto’s small gauge film festival The 8 Fest. For full schedule: http://the8fest.com/ Today’s write up is by Jacqueline Valencia.  1. L’Inventaire by Martine Syms (Friday, January 30 11pm Bagerooo, eight! Part One) http://martinesyms.com/ “On screen a man gestures to describe the various parts of a hardcover

On The 8 Fest 2015! Part One

January 30-February 1st at SPK Polish Combatants’ Hall, 206 Beverley Street, Toronto “The 8 fest is a unique Toronto-based film festival that presents all forms of small-gauge film: 8mm, Super 8 and 9.5mm, as well as works in installation, loops, and ‘proto-cinema devices’ like zoetropes. The 8 fest is a

On Resistance, Persistence, and Time – Images Festival 2014

write up by Jacqueline Valencia Films in this program: Creme 21 by Eve Heller (2013, 16mm/Video, Austria/USA) Cells and Stalks by Herb Theriault (2012, 35mm/Video, Canada) Explosion No. 6 by Julie Tremble (2012, Video, Canada) The House of Olga by Alexandra Gelis (2013, Video, Panama, Canada) Tender Feet by Fern Silva (2013,

On Matthew Williamson’s Everything Is Cool – 2014 Images Festival

  write up by Jennifer Valencia Everything is Cool by Matthew Williamson (2013, Video, 10 min, Canada) Matthew Williamson adopts a Bart Simpson type mask in his short Everything Is Cool as he reveals some of his observations on what first seems like just “things” from a Burger King parking lot.

On Narimane Mari’s Bloody Beans (Loubia Hamra) – 2014 Images Festival

Write up by Jacqueline Valencia The view of a child during war is an enigmatic one. The viewfinder can be common though, considering everyone was a child at some point. Struggles of an insurmountable nature bring to mind a time when all we lived by was instinct and all we

On the 2014 Images Festival in Toronto & Jesse McLean’s Just Like Us

  These Girls On Film is quite excited to cover the 2014 Images Festival! We are dedicated to presenting the world to new perspectives on experimental, avant-gard, conceptual, and independent cinema. As a part of that, the Images Festival is a huge event, one that’s been a tradition for 27

On Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising (1972)

by Jacqueline Valencia Lucifer Rising is perhaps the  most elaborate of Kenneth Anger‘s films. With locations in Egypt, England, and Germany, Anger conned the Egyptian government into believing he was making a documentary about Egyptian peoples. In fact, he was making a film about Egyptian gods summoning the age of Lucifer. The

The 8 Fest: a short defense of short/small gauge film

by Jacqueline Valencia It’s been an amazing week of watching short films. Sometimes I had the opportunity to screen some of these in the comfort of my home for review or interpretation. Occasionally I’d get a comment from a passerby wondering what the hell I was watching. I’d have to

On the eve before the 7th Annual The 8 Fest: two films

by Jacqueline Valencia January is a hectic month for film in general. The Globes are broadcast and there’s the rush to see the many Oscar nominated films before the awards. It’s easy for little festivals, such as The 8 Fest, to get lost among the chaos. As mentioned previously, The

On my introduction to The 8 Fest and three films.

by Jacqueline Valencia The 8 fest One of the things I’m passionate about film, but I’m particularly passionate about experimental film. However, it’s hard to define what is experimental film these days or even what is film. It’s a malleable medium and an evolving art form that in many ways

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